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As a flour manufacturer, we produce gluten-free and vegan flours. We supply these wholesale gluten free flour that we produce, to brands in bulk. As a wholesale flour producer, we produce varieties of legumes, nut and vegatables flours. We supply gluten free flour in bulk that we produce in an environmentally and nature friendly way.

We dry the carob, hazelnut and coconut that we produce in the season and naturally. We grind these dried products under hygienic conditions and turn them into flour. We package these ground products as carob flour, hazelnut flour and coconut flour. You can become a gluten-free flour wholesaler by supplying these products that we have carefully prepared for you.

Becoming a Gluten Free Flour Wholesaler in Europe

Lentil flour benefits there are too many to count. Red lentils, which have high nutritional value, are known to be one of the important sources for brain and body development. For this reason, it is known that red lentil flour is frequently preferred by gluten-free and vegan diets.

With the increase in the use of social media, the interest in gluten-free nutrition is increasing. Thanks to this interest, the gluten-free and vegan flour market is developing rapidly day by day. In this way, using gluten-free flour instead of using standard flour, sales of gluten-free products profitability is increasing. If you want to benefit from this profitability and become a gluten free flour supplier, you can supply quinoa flour, lavash tortilla flour to make gluten-free lavash, rice flour, lentil flour and chickpeas flour in bulk that we have prepared for you.

We bring together with wholesalers in Europe the products naturally made in Turkey. The shipping cost is much more advantageous and the shipping time is very short. These high quality gluten-free flours are shipped all over the world.

In our productions, we primarily aim to preserve the natural aroma and nutritional values ​​of the products as much as possible. We only produce gluten-free products in our facilities against the risk of contamination. We work sensitively and carefully at all stages, from product supply to production and packaging. We do not use any additives or preservatives.


Looking for Fruit Powder and Vegetable Powder Manufacturer?

The virtual shopping environment, which is the product of developing technology, offers fast and easy access to gluten-free products (fruit powder and vegetables powder). It is known that gluten-free powders stand out as the biggest supporter in gluten-free nutrition. We carefully dry the vegetables and fruits harvested in the season and grind them into powder. We supply wholesale gluten free powders.

As fruit powder and vegatables powder supplier, we produce powders in different flavors. Your customers can produce delicious and naturally flavored turnip juice by using our purple carrot powder, turnip powder, red beet powder products, without any additives. You can find unique recipes that you can make with our orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, white mulberry powder products on our website.

You can easily take your place in the gluten-free product market by supplying gluten free powder in bulk from Nieuwmolen, which produces different gluten free natural products. As fruit powder supplier and powder producer, we produce the most natural and highest quality powders. Our products are collected and dried in the season. It is powdered by natural methods, paying attention to hygiene rules. It is packaged in bulk untouched.

We provide our customers with original, healthy, high-quality and safe solutions, thereby taking into account market needs and global trends.

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