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Product Description

Sterilized rice flour is ground and dried into flour. It is used in desserts, baby food, bread and soup mixes and in many more food.

White rice flour (100 g) contains 9.2 mg of choline, which prevents the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the liver, thereby maintaining a healthy liver. Since the product also contains high levels of protein it can be used in sports shakes for persons who want to improve their muscular structure. Due to its high mineral density rice flour can also enhance the body’s natural immunity.

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Nutiritional value           100 grams

Calories                            348 kcal

Carbohydrates                  77.6 g

Fibre                                  2.0 g

Protein                               6.7 g

Fat                                     0.7 g

Cholesterol                       0.0 mg

Vitamin A                         0.0 IU

Vitamin C                         0.0 mg

Potassium                         104.0 mg

Calcium                            7.0 mg

Iron                                   0.4 mg


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