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Product Description

Hazelnut flour, produced from high quality Turkish hazelnuts, gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.Since hazelnut flour does not contain gluten, it can be consumed safely by people with gluten intolerance and coeliac patients. It is also a powerful source of protein for vegans and vegetarians and is a great supplement for athletes. Quality Turkish hazelnuts, taste and aroma. It is produced in the form of grated and flour, as degreased and not.

The product does not contain any additives and gives pastries a rich aroma and a crispy texture.

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Nutritional value (for 100 gr)

Energy                  714,3 kcal/2985,7 kj

Total fat                  69,39 g

Saturated fat            5,76 g

Trans fat                      0 g

Carbohydrates 2      ,04 g

Sugar                    1,91 g

Fibre                     1,91 g

Protein                 15,36 g


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